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RiskAvert helps you keep people safe and meet compliance obligations

Optimise your health and safety processes, enhance stakeholder collaboration
and invigorate stakeholder reporting using RiskAvert


Better communicate policy and the collection of risks, issues and incidents via the internet and call centres.


Systemise the assessment, prioritisation, control setting and document control for each incident and risk.


Attain greater quality and consistency in investigations, control setting and reporting from introducing workflows.


Automate your processes, standard procedures and work instructions using workflow and other intuitive functionality.


Monitor and communicate trends, risks and actions using online dashboards and operational reports.

System Customisation

RiskAvert Health and Safety system can be customised to reflect the processes, structure and data classifications of your organisation, such as:

   H&S incident and risk register design
  Causes and types of injuries
  Standard mitigation controls
   Organisation structure
   Staff, contacts and partners
  Input forms and documents
  Locations and assets
  Priority and status levels
  Risk scoring rules
  Documentation structures
  User roles and permissions
  Workflow business rules


RiskAvert incident and risk workflow, makes it easily for stakeholders to concisely report identified issues through:

   Online forms specific to each risk and incident type
   Integration with call centre reporting methods
  Multi-organisational and language reporting choices
  Tailoring questions for reporters to answer
  Data input validation against stored data
  Easily maintainable validation data
  Accessibility via the internet and mobile devices
  Providing anonymous reporting functionality
  Secure data input and transmission


New reports of risks and incidents are immediately notified to your team for initial assessment, prioritisation and action planning. RiskAvert functionality allows your teams to:

  Collaborate on-line via PCs and mobile devices
  Receive specific alerts of new and changing issues
  Classify incident types, priorities and status
  Assign owners and investigators
  Define plans, tasks and assignments
  Upload and store supporting documents and media
  Risk assess and score
  Code incidents to H&S standards
  Automatically set resolution targets based on SLAs
  Visualise and manage the overall work load


Reports of risks and incidents can be managed through the investigation stage until resolution and closure. RiskAvert functionality benefits this process as allows your teams to:

  Collaborate on-line via PCs and mobile devices
  Workflow manage the process, including approvals
  Document findings, conclusions, recommendations
  Create and assign controls to be applied to risks
  Standardise process and documentation
  Upload and store supporting documents and media
  Score the mitigated and unmitigated risk
  Monitor and report progress
  Alert stakeholders of tasks they must carry out
  Stores all information pertinent to every case


RiskAvert Health and Safety system is designed to enhance, standardise and optimise your current processes through:

  Ergonomic incident and risk submission workflows
  Automated notification and approval workflows
  Standardisation of forms and documents 
  Intuitive user interface
  Document management
  Risk score parametrisation
  Data validation in all appropriate submissions
  Online reporting of work load
  RBS optimising what users can see and do
  Workflow rules triggering email and text links


RiskAvert Health and Safety system offers extensive reporting capabilities including dashboards, online displays and operational reports:

  KPI dashboards showing volumes and risks profiles
  Online reports linked to all related information
  Operational reports for each key stakeholder  
  Regulatory compliance reports

Dashboards provide high quality visualisation of performance and trends and the ability to drill through to lower level of details. All reports can be exported to Excel and PDF file formats.



Connect your internal and external teams across different locations
around the globe!

RiskAvert enables secure location independent team collaboration and communication. Get your work done at home, in the office or at any location globally.

Security is embedded into every layer of the system including authentication, transmission, firewalls, fault tolerant hardware and load balancing infrastructure.

The software is multilingual and currently supports 25 language sets.

Data security and privacy is our highest priority

RiskAvert offers highest security and data protection with a multitude of security features, such as end-to-end encrypted data, password security, two-factor authentication, definition of session runtime, and more.

For RiskAvert Cloud Edition a redundant infrastructure and continuous encrypted data backups in separate locations will guarantee highest security and availability and best performance.

RiskAvert fulfils the highest standards in data security and privacy according to EU standards, investing continuously in the
security of our services and the protection of customer data.


We handle your data trustfully and offer high security according to General Data Protection Regulation. Regular Security and Data Privacy reviews and certifications of external Auditors provide assurance.

With the RiskAvert Cloud Edition your data will be stored on servers in the European Union. Data centre and network architecture are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Get Your Information Faster, Wherever You Are

   View your dashboards and reports
   Obtain alerts of new requests, cases or changes
  Monitor and approve transactions on the move
  On line access to key information

Data Input Methods to Suit You

   Traditional approaches
   Voice recognition


Customer Feedback

RiskAvert provides us with an independent "Whistleblowing" service. They were excellent in constructing our bespoke system and ensuring the amalgamation of the disparate previous systems and call lines went smoothly. Our "Rightline" now provides an efficient means for reporting of wrong doing both internally and externally.
Rating: 5 stars
Head of Corporate Security, Sainsbury's PLC
RiskAvert have provided us with many years of unbroken service in the provision of Confidential Whistleblowing and Crimeline registers. Year on year, some of the information received has resulted in significant results and benefits.
Rating: 5 stars
Head of Security, Virgin Media

Featured Customers and Partners

Over two decades, Risk Avert has provided services and systems to assist many large and medium sized organisations including Argos, Arqiva, Blatchford, Habitat, NHS, Virgin Media, Habitat, Iforce, RTE and Sainsbury’s.

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