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Processes  customised to optimise your business


Global collation of reported risks, issues or incidents through online, off-line and call centre reporting.


Assessment and prioritisation of each report and the setting of team action plans and tasks.


Consistent case quality through standard document management and outcome reporting.


Automate processes using configurable approval, reminder and reporting functionality.


Monitor trends and processing performance through dashboards and operational reports.

Data security and privacy is our highest priority

RiskAvert strives to offer the highest levels of data security employing a multitude of security features such as end-to-end encrypted data, password complexity, multi-factor authentication, session timeouts, secure infrastructure, and event auditing.

The RiskAvert Cloud Edition provides a redundant infrastructure and continuous encrypted multi-site backups supporting the highest standards of data security and availability in addition to the best performance.

RiskAvert fulfils the highest standards in data security and privacy according to EU standards, continuously investing in the security of its services and the protection of customer data.


RiskAvert handles your data trustfully and offer high security according to General Data Protection Regulation. Regular Security and Data Privacy reviews combined with certifications of external Auditors support this assurance.

With the RiskAvert Cloud Edition your data will be stored on servers in the European Union. Data centre and network architecture options are available to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

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